Manuel Zambrana


Manuel Zambrana Photography Studio


C/Feijoo 8 Bajo C Madrid 28010

+34- 659616424


Born in Madrid,  Spain, 1959.

Self taught.  Freelance.

Traveled to Libanon in 1983.  At seeing the conflict zones and what happens in the aftermath of war I decide to dedicate my career to be a portrait photographer in or outside the studio.


Started working professionally with COVER Press Agency in Strasbourg, France.

In 1989 I moved to Madrid and opened my own Studio.  I then began collaborating with main stream media and newsrooms like El País Semanal, El Mundo, El Sol, Elle,Vogue, etc.  I also worked for advertising agencies, record and cinematographic companies.


While working and collaborating with others I have developed my personal work.  These series of my own personal style have been done in my travels through Europe, Africa, South America, Caribbean Islands, China, Japan and the United States.  They include from world know celebrities to tribe people in remote places.


I´ve had several solo photography exhibitions and collaborated in group shows, taught workshops and worked at different Art and Photography schools and universities teaching photography and illumination.



  • 2018  Master Class at C.E.V. (Escuela Superior de Comunicación Imagen y Sonido,  Madrid.
  • 2018 Imparted Course on Journalistic Photography at C.E.V. (Escuela Superior de Comunicación Imagen y Sonido,  Madrid.
  • 2014 / 2018. Photography and Ilumination Teacher at PIC.A Photoespaña.  Madrid.
  • 2017.  Master Class as invited photographer and jury for the XVII Photography and Journalism Seminar of  Albarracín directed by Gervasio Sánchez.  Albarracín.
  • 2017. Photography Director for the T.V pilot series  ¨ La Secta ¨. Film director Manuel Arija.  Madrid.
  • 2016. Imparted Conference  on Journalistic Photography at Descubrimientos Photoespaña. Madrid.
  • 2015. Photography Expo,  Galería Clorofila Digital. Sevilla.
  • 2015. Photography Expo,  Galería Clorofila Digital. Madrid.
  • 2014.  Participated in Photographic Show at  Art Fair Madrid,  Galería Clorofila Digital.  Madrid.
  • 2014.  Group Exhibition  ¨Mínimos¨ ,  Galería Cero.. Madrid
  • 2006 / 2013. Imparted Courses  “Still Photography” ,  “Direction of photography”  “Film Lightning ” in the  Master´s Internacional in EFTI (Centro Internacional de Fotografia y Cine), Madrid.
    Director of course  “El Retrato(Portrait) comissioned by Advertisement and Film Industry for editorial purposes.     EFTI(Centro Internacional de Fotografia y Cine). Madrid.
  • 2012. Group Exhibition “An image for a life”.   Raíña Lupa Gallery.  Barcelona.
  • 2012. Conference / workshop  Segovia-Photo Encounters, Segovia, Spain.
  • 2011. Group Exhibition “Contemporary Spanish Photographers”  Hartmann Gallery. Barcelona.
  • 2011. Retrospective Photographic Expo, Clorofila Digital / Fotosíntesis. Madrid.
  • 2011. Photographic  Expo ¨ BELLEZA Y DECADENCIA¨  Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente.  Madrid.
  • 2011. Solo Exhibition Clorofila Digital Gallery.  Madrid.
  • 2010 / 2011.  Expo 2010 Shanghai China, photography and  “The Making Of”
  • Followed film directors Bigas Luna, Isabel Coixet and Basilio Martin Patino to create the material needed to set up their booths at the expo.  Shanghai, China.
  • 2009.  Solo Exhibition ¨ BELLEZA Y DECADENCIA¨ Centro cultural Hispano-japonés.  Salamanca.
  • 2008. Solo Exhibition ¨ BELLEZA Y DECADENCIA¨  Sala EFTI. Madrid.
  • 1995 / 2009. “Still photography and making of” in film productions. Worked with Carlos Saura, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Jaume Balagueró, Rodrigo Cortés , Fernando Fernán Gómez, Jose Luis García Sánchez, Vicente Aranda, etc. Madrid.
  • 2005. Directed course  “ Audiovisual Productions for Film and Television” Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • 2000.  Script,  direction and photographic guidelines.  Short film “Lucas”.  Madrid.
  • 2000.  Script,  direction and photographic  guidelines.   Short film ¨ El Limpiabotas ¨.  Madrid.
  • 1999. Imparted Course on Marketing and film promotion.  “The importance of Still Photography in promotions”.  Media Business School.  Ronda, Málaga.
  • 1998. Group Exhibition Photo España 98. Exposición RENFE. Madrid.
  • 1995. Group Exhibition Exposition-auction against torture.  Círculo de Bellas Artes.  Madrid.
  • 1994. Solo Exhibition Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía. Almería.
  • 1994. Imparted Workshop and Conference  “Contemporary Photography”  Tarazona Foto. Zaragoza.
  • 1993. Solo Exhibition.  “Ecuador” Casa de Vacas del Retiro. Madrid.
  • 1993. Solo Exhibition at Anthropological Museum.  Madrid.
  • 1991.  Group Exhibition  “Proyecto 4 direcciones”  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid.
  • 1990 / 1992. Group Exhibition “Art and Fashion” Museo Español de Arte Contemporáneo. Madrid.
  • 1986.  Solo Exhibition  “Manuel Zambrana Portraits” Caja de ahorros de Cuenca y Guadalajara.



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  • El Pais semanal. Le Monde. Vogue. Elle. Telva. Harper´s Bazaar. El Mundo. El Sol.
  • IBM.
  • BBVA.
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